Thursday, January 11, 2007

*rolls around in yarny goodness*

Originally Posted November 13, 2006

Because I don’t keep enough of my yarns to really see the full impact when they are knit or crocheted, I am always blown away when I see what people make with them.

This was my Sweetness November yarn, the roving I had dyed for this was so dark I didn’t think it would ever amount to much. In fact, I still have about 8 ounces of it left to spin but have been holding off because I couldn’t see the bigger picture.

Fortunately, Mr. E could see the bigger picture and once he got his hands on it he made this:

Isn’t is gawgeous?! OMG, I am in love. I can’t believe a yarn that pretty came from something I made! That sounds really vain of me, but I am just so amazed by it!

*plots more spinning of dark roving*


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