Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Supah Sahprise!

Supah Sahprise

Oh my gosh, what is it?!

720 yards of yarn, 8 skeins, all wool. I handspun about half of this and the other half is commercial yarn that I handpainted. All different weights, all different yarns!

It’s all here! Merino, columbia, churro, angora, mohair, sparkle. Also included is a tiny skein of recycled wool (that’s the blue/green/yellow skeinlet) and commercial fisherman’s wool yarn.

These yarns were dyed with Kool Aid, egg dye, food coloring, and acid dyes. All colorfast!

The blue/magenta/purple/teal skein that looks a bit twisted up is going to be twist set as of 02/14/07, so worry not, it shall be smooth baby smooth!


Just so you know, it KILLED me to let all these go.

But I’m on a mission.


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