Saturday, August 11, 2007

Doing what I do bestest.

I spent most of my morning reorganizing my studio. I like to call it thusly because someday I WILL have one and well, by that time saying “studio” won’t be so weird. ;)

I posted the entire series of photos at my Flicker account (see link at the left) if you want to see all the notes I added. Otherwise, use your imagination and just know that I worked my ass off to get everything put away and organized.

Of course I don’t know where anything is now, what of it?

Actually, once I post this I’m off to card a bunch of fleece and maybe do some spinning.

We had a pretty busy day in addition to this project. We all went to the park, did all the grocery shopping, made dinner tonight and then went out for ice cream. Jacob is out like a little light.

See? Now don’t all you crafty types totally want to come over to my house and play? :)


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