Friday, February 23, 2007



*runs around the room*


I’m so giddy I’ve got butterflies in me tummy. And I don’t even care that this all make me looks like a complete obsessive dork!

I hugged the lady who sold it to me, too. I think I scared her, actually. But hopefully she knows just how happy she’s made me!

I’m off, I’ve got batts to create! And spin!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

New yarn and roving

Leader of the Pack, 330 yards.

Rio, 211 yards (Sold over lunch hour).

Some people call me Maurice, 192 yards.

Midnight Blue 300 yards, recycled mohair (85%) acrylic (15%) yarn.

As yet untitled roving, soon to become yarn.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007



Well, it will be by the 23rd. But, MINE!

I can’t believe my luck. I halfheartedly posted on the barely functional local Craigslist and voila, success!

And, might I add, for a hell of a lot less than I could have scored it anywhere else.

WOOOOOO! *boogies*

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Supah Sahprise!

Supah Sahprise

Oh my gosh, what is it?!

720 yards of yarn, 8 skeins, all wool. I handspun about half of this and the other half is commercial yarn that I handpainted. All different weights, all different yarns!

It’s all here! Merino, columbia, churro, angora, mohair, sparkle. Also included is a tiny skein of recycled wool (that’s the blue/green/yellow skeinlet) and commercial fisherman’s wool yarn.

These yarns were dyed with Kool Aid, egg dye, food coloring, and acid dyes. All colorfast!

The blue/magenta/purple/teal skein that looks a bit twisted up is going to be twist set as of 02/14/07, so worry not, it shall be smooth baby smooth!


Just so you know, it KILLED me to let all these go.

But I’m on a mission.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Beads4You Winter 2007 Challenge

What a project this has been! I really stretched myself to the limit on this entire project, I feel so accomplished and proud of my work.

I began the project by purchasing this lot of beads from Beads4You at her Etsy store:

Initially I had an idea for a necklace but decided that since I fancy myself as a fiber artist, I’d try my hand at a custom art yarn project and incorporate the beads into it.

I began by dyeing this bundle of merino wool top roving in shades of grey, black and silver. The theme of the challenge was “Winter Garden” so I envisioned a dark, frozen landscape glazed with shimmery frost and ice.

And then once the roving was dry, I began to spin. I spun a single ply yarn out of all of the roving and ended up with 275 yards in the end. Not too shabby!

Then I strung many of the beads on a sturdy, clear nylon thread and plied them into the yarn to make a bubbly, fluffy sparkly yarn.

For the bigger focal beads, I fashioned detachable ornaments to accent the yarn. These are meant to be removed and repositioned on the finished project.

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